Ghost Walking Tour

Can you see them? They can see you....


Discover the history and mystery associated with downtown Fayetteville’s previous residents, who some say aren’t fully departed.  Our guides have  methodically collected these stories, often from the unsolved cold case files and from our library's historical archives.

If you arrive as a skeptic you will undoubtedly leave as a skeptic.  The same with believers.  We use no special effects or cheap tricks.  No one will jump out at you from a dark corner (at least not anyone on our payroll!). But no matter your view of the paranormal you’ll see Fayetteville in a different light.

Let us take you to 8 different places here in downtown all within walking distance and hear our stories...


Everyone likes a good spooky ghost story, so let our guide take you from place to place with tales of true events of the past that is promised to keep you wondering if these poor souls will ever rest. 



We ask everyone to park near the Market Square in downtown Fayetteville as the tour will start and/or end near this location.  There is a parking garage located at 208 Franklin St.  If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 910-444-0034. 


 This tour will meet on the corner of Winslow St. & Hay St. (across from the "Subway" restaurant on Hay St.) but will end near the Market Square. 

Scary Music